"That’s my Cup. The fuck you lookin’ at?”

"That’s my Cup. The fuck you lookin’ at?”

I want to tell you

I might as well do

About a boy who can do anything

He comes from Belgium 

His name is Adnan

Januzaj Januzaj Januzaj!

Gabriel García Márquez

Colonel Gerineldo Márquez had a telegraphic call from Colonel Aureliano Buendía that afternoon. It was a routine conversation which was not going to bring about any break in the stagnant war. At the end, Colonel Gerineldo Márquez looked at the desolate streets, the crystal water on the almond trees, and he found himself lost in solitude.

   “Aureliano,” he said sadly on the key, “it’s raining in Macondo.”

   There was a long silence on the line. Suddenly the apparatus jumped with the pitiless letters from Colonel Aureliano Buendía.

   “Don’t be a jackass, Gerineldo,” the signals said. “It’s natural for it to be raining in August.

"I love you Rafael."

"Get away from me Phil."

"What are they doing in front of everybody, christ!"

Yvonne Elliman. That 1977 Eric Clapton concert (BBC TV Special) where she sang Can’t Find My Way Home, one of the best live renditions of any beautiful song.

Edwin van der Sar with the World Cup ball, Brazuca.

Old Trafford. November 30, 2005. 

A minute’s silence in tribute to the late George Best, ahead of a League Cup match.